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Booster club

Your 2019-2020 Troy NJROTC Booster Club Board

President: Maggie Yang

Executive Vice President: Sharon Xing-He

VP Fundraising: Amy Choi-Won

VP Activity: Joyce King

VP Chaperone Liaison: Stacey Lee

VP Membership: Jin Yoon

Secretary: John Phillips

Treasurer: Maria Florendo

Spirit Wear: Kuntari Wijanarko

The NJROTC Booster Club is a non-profit organization that provides support to Troy High School’s NJROTC program.

  • Provide communication between the program, instructors, and cadet parents.

    1. Support instructors and cadets at all team competitions

    2. Provide chaperone assistance for day/night field trips as appropriate

    3. Support the cadets in planning the annual Cadet Military Ball

    4. Raise funds to offset the cost of the program.

As an example of how these funds were used for the 2017-2018 school year, the Booster Club paid $60,000 for cadet and supporter expenses for National level competitions-most of which were on the East Coast, gave out $3,300 in Senior Scholarships, and provided $7,000 towards the annual NJROTC Military Ball.  We also purchased equipment that our cadets use in competitions like EZ Ups, wagons, gaiters for orienteering, targets for marksmanship, team flags for our drill teams and so much more.

There are numerous ways you can support the Troy High School NJROTC cadets:

Matching Gifts:

When you give to Troy NJROTC Booster Club, you can increase the effects of your generosity by taking advantage of your company's matching gift program. Your donation might also qualify under the matching gift program of a company where you or your spouse works. To find out if your or spouse's company has a matching gift program, please visit our Matching Gifts page.


Visit our SignUp page to volunteer for one or more of our events.


When you sponsor a team or a cadet, please know that you are providing them an opportunities that may not have normally available due to costs. If you own a company and would like to have your business featured on our website or other pages, we would like to talk to you!  

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The Lifeline of the Regiment:



Although some of our activities are eligible for partial funding by the Navy, they are not guaranteed.  We rely on fundraisers to raise money to allow our cadets to take advantage of the numerous activities available to them.  It also helps reduce the financial burden on their families. Troy NJROTC Booster Club is a 501 c(3) organization and your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.  Please consult your tax adviser for more details.



Email Fundraiser - by September 15, 2019

Click here to support Troy NJROTC with a cash donation paid via credit card.

Clothing Fundraiser - Spring 2020 - collect gently worn clothes, shoes, bags, purses, linens, blankets. Troy NJROTC Booster Club gets paid by the pound. See this page for more details.

Dine-In Restaurant Events - TBD

Please complete the NJROTC Cadet Registration form for the School Year 2019-2020. We are requesting a $200 activity donation for the year to cover some of the unit's expenses for the year.  

Name *
Cadet Name
Parent1 Phone Number *
Parent1 Phone Number
Mobile number preferred
Additional Email address for another parent/guardian contact
Parent2 Phone Number
Parent2 Phone Number
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School Year 2019 - 2020

Key Dates:

August 2, Freshman Registration

August 10, NS1 Orientation

September 6-8, Basic Leadership Training

September 16, Troy College Fair

September 28, TAFM

October 5, JROTC Quizbowl

November 11, Fullerton Veterans Day Parade

December 6-8, CyberPatriot State Round

December 14, Troy Brain Brawl

January 24, 2020, AMI

January 24-25, CyperPatriot Semi-Finals

February 1, Area 11 Superbowl

February 29, Southern California SEAPERCH Challenge

March 14-15, Orienteering Nationals

March 19-20, CyberPatriot Nationals

April 1-6, NJROTC Nationals

May 1, NJROTC Awards Night

May 22-24, NAQT Nationals (Atlanta)

May 28, TROY Last School Day for Students

How do you enroll in the program?

NJROTC is a class. The program counts as PE credit for the first 2 years of high school.

What’s Provided:

White shirt, socks, cover, shoes, uniform shirt and pants, wool jacket (upon request)

Cadets will be assessed a fee if they lose any of the provided uniform items (other than the socks).

Recommended Items to Purchase:

Gray PE shirt with NJROTC logo, Black PE shorts with NJROTC logo, Windbreaker with NJROTC logo


We request that every cadet in the program donate $200 at the beginning of the school year.

Here's the current list of volunteer opportunities to support our Troy NJROTC cadets. Click on the event link to view the sign-up page for the event.

August 2, 2019, Freshman Registration

September 6-8, 2019, Basic Leadership Training (BLT)

September 28, 2019, Troy Athletic Field Meet (TAFM) - We need doctors and nurses to treat minor injuries.  

November 11, 2019, Fullerton Veterans Days Parade

This page contains the links of all the things that must be completed for the new school year