Operations is the largest of the three departments and generally deals with the activities of the unit. The responsibilities of the department vary from website maintenance, managing color guards, coordinating community service efforts as well as a number of other tasks crucial to keeping the unit functioning.

Department Heads: c/LT Kaitlyn Jang and c/LT Darren Wittry

Colorguard: c/LTJG Jason Choi

  • Yeomen: c/LTJG Eric Son and c/PO1 Tyler Kim

Armory: c/LTJG Solomon Hsu

Media: c/LTJG Priscilla Shin

Photography: c/PO2 Bea Rosete

  • Yeomen: c/PO3 Joseph Oh

Communications: c/SCPO John Pace 

  • Yeomen: c/PO3 Daniel Ym and c

Community Service: c/SCPO Henry Li

First Lieutenant: