The Tech Savvy:



Unit Troy's Information Security Team (InSecT) represents Troy in various competitions, including CyberPatriot. These competitions involve securing computers, solving forensics and cryptography challenges, and applying hacking techniques.  InSecT is a great opportunity for cadets to learn about cybersecurity and compete at a high level. In the recent CyberPatriot X Nationals, the team "Cyber Warriors 0" made Troy Cyber history by becoming national champions. In addition, another team from Troy, "CADv2.0", followed up the podium as first runner ups. Troy has the most CyberPatriot teams compared to any school in the US and Canada, and looks forward to expanding each following year.

1st Place: "Cyber Warriors 0"

2nd Place: "CADv2.0"

Team Commanders: c/LT David Lee      c/LT Alicia Wang

Assistant Commanders: c/LTJG Mitch Radvansky      c/LTJG Johanna Liang