The Admin Department of the unit is in charge of distributing awards, along with administering both written and drill tests for advancements. Admin also keeps track of all the events that occur in order to distribute to cadets their awards and medals after events. They make sure all cadets receive what they earn so they may look sharp and decorated on uniform days.


Department Heads:

c/LT Brendon Won -- c/LT Eileen Zhao -- c/LTJG Kristi Lee


c/LT Nicholas He -- c/PO1 Joanne Hur -- c/PO1 Julianne Nguyen -- c/LTJG Benjamin Wang


c/PO1 Yelena Guo -- c/PO1 Ashley Yu -- c/PO1 Sky Jung -- c/PO1 Samantha Chien -- c/PO1 Jasmin Kwon


c/LTJG Daniel Im -- c/LTJG Roy Choi -- c/ENS Fiona Huang -- c/PO1 Lois Um