Team Red

Team Red, advised by First Sgt. Barnes, is one of the two Unit Troy drill teams. Consisting mostly of underclassmen led by juniors, they compete at field meets against many other teams. Although less experienced than their rival team, Team Red still consistently dominates other schools at these drill meets.




Commanding Officer: c/LT Kaitlyn Jang

Guide: c/CDR Phillip Kim

Armed Exhibition: c/LTJG Brian Park Armed Regulation: c/LTJG Jason Choi

Unarmed Exhibition: c/LTJG Mabel Tu Unarmed Regulation: c/LTJG Esther Yang

Color Guard: c/LTJG Eric Son

Academics: c/LT Brendon Won and c/LTJG Thienan Bui

Physical Fitness: c/LT Leah McBratney, c/LTJG Solomon Hsu, c/ENS Richard Han (Assistant)


Drill meets


Lemoore - october 2018 - 2nd place overall

  • Personnel Inspection: 1st

  • Armed Exhibition: 1st

  • Armed Regulation: 1st

  • Unarmed Exhibition: 2nd

  • Unarmed Regulation: 2nd

  • Academics: 1st

  • Color Guard: 3rd


area 11 Super Bowl - February 2019 - 4th place overall

  • Armed Exhibition: 6th

  • Armed Regulation: 6th

  • Unarmed Exhibition: 9th

  • Unarmed Regulation: 7th

  • Academics: 2nd

  • Color Guard: 3rd

  • Overall Drill: 5th


Orange Glenn - november 2018 - 1st place overall

  • Personnel Inspection: 5th

  • Armed Exhibition: 1st

  • Armed Regulation: 3rd

  • Unarmed Exhibition: 5th

  • Unarmed Regulation: 5th

  • Academics: 1st

  • Color Guard: 1st